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A collection of generic math routines.

You can browse the source code on-line.

You can learn about Ada in the Ada Programming wikibook.

To do:

  • Test routines


  • The package UStrings is not included anymore, since you can get it in the RPM package “ada-cgi”.
  • The package Generic_Rectangular_Vectors.Text_IO has been updated.
  • The packages Generic_Float_Indexed_ArraysGeneric_FunctionsGeneric_Functions.Stepwise_ConstantGeneric_High_Resolution_Averages and Generic_Surface_Interpolation have been added.



The package Generic_Statistics has been extended with a procedure Append for adding statistics objects.


The packages

  • Angles
  • Generic_Matrices
  • Generic_Polynomial_Basis
  • Text_Matrices

have been updated compared to the previous edition.


First published edition.