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Configuring LDAO (build)

All of these instructions happen in the Tool Manager window. To get to the Tool Manager, go into LDAO, click the Options menu, and choose Tool Manager.

First, to make a new tool for MPD building:

  • Click New.
  • Enter MPD Builder as the name for your new tool.
  • Set Command to <path>\buildmpd.exe -model %model%
    <path> is the path to your buildmpd.exe program, such as c:\ldraw\mpd.
  • Set Working Directory to %path%
  • Check the Show in Tools Menu and/or Show as Button options, as you want.
  • Set the Requires Model and Needs Short Filenames options.
  • Clear the Run via .BAT file option (?).
  • Enter a Menu Caption if you want to launch the MPD builder from the Tools menu. Something like MPD &Builder (the ampersand tells LDAO what key to use as the short-cut key)
  • Enter a Button Caption if you want have a button for the MPD builder on the main LDAO window. Enter something like MPD &Builder (the ampersand tells LDAO what key to use as the short-cut key)
  • Enter Tooltip Text if you want. Something like Build a MPD file for distribution.

Thanks to Steve Bliss for the help with this document.

The MPD Builder is written in Ada. You can learn about Ada in the Ada Programming wikibook.