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Word list check

A package for updating and correcting word lists (for example for ispell) via WWW.

The system has unfortunately some limitations, so we are considering a completely new design.

The current version is implemented in Ada and Unix shell scripts. You can learn about Ada in the Ada Programming wikibook.


Minor changes.


  • Created a make-file as an alternative to the programme `byg_cgiprogrammer`.



  • All inflections of nouns and proper nouns (in Danish) can be checked in one place.
  • Various minor changes.
  • Source code (73 kb zip file)


See the Danish comments.


  • Added an explanatory text to Nye ord til ordlisten.
  • Stopped writing that it is optional to fill out the name field.
  • The format of the files that are handed out for off-line processing has been changed, so it corresponds to the format used in the log files.
  • Written a program, Pack_CGI_Log, which removes empty and redundant fields from the log files.
  • The log files contain the following fields (if the information is known):
    • Word
    • Status
    • Class
    • Conjungation
    • Root
    • Hyphenation
    • Authority
    • Source
    • Example
    • Category
    • Comment
    • Editor
    • Date
  • All new words that are added to the word list from dictionaries and other sources (using the program Text_To_Sortable_Log) is automatically converted to lower casebogstaver. This does not include the web interface.
  • Source code (54 kb zip file)


  • Implemented the concept “authorities”. Decisions by an authority are final (until another authority opposes it).
  • Source code (52 kb zip file)


  • Wrote a program that removes repeated entries from “sortable_log”s and made opdatér_ordliste use it. As a bonus, there is also made files with checkked, correct, incorrect, disputed, and unchecked words.
  • Source code (50 kb zip file)


  • Handing out raw text files with words.
  • Source code (42 kb zip file)


  • Added a tcsh distribution builder program.
  • Source code (38 kb zip file)


  • Added a small program that reads Sune’s commenteded wordlist format.


  • Changed “Færdig for i dag” to “Færdig for denne omgang” as requested by Henrik Grove <[email protected]>.


Made the words people are asked to check the spelling of uneditable.

Extended the comments in check-head.{da,fo}.html.

Made space ( ) a word separator in procedure Check_Words.Process_New_Words (stupid error by the programmer).


Fixed the call to the “word supply script”.


Corrected some errors in the HTML files that come with the package.

Added a program that supplies the word list with words from various web pages that are updated often (and hopefully correct).


First edition announced on <[email protected]>.