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Ada source code from Jacob

Where nothing else is specified these source files are distributed under The Beer-Ware License (revision 42). Please contact me, if you would like to pay for some of them.

You can learn about Ada in the Ada Programming wikibook.

See my Mercurial repositories for more (and newer) programs and libraries.

Real instant messaging:
A small demonstration showing how you can write a simple UDP based peer-to-peer application in Ada. The program allows you to have a live, written discussion across the net. The letters are shown as you write them. No silly waiting for the other part to finish the sentences before you get to read them.

Build your own web server:
An example of how easy it is to build a rather special web server (or a more ordinary one).

Anarchists Distributed Calendar (Turtle):
Tools for managing calendars in ADiCT format.

Fractal Landscape Generator:
Creates fractal LEGO landscapes in LDraw format.

PGM to positions:
A program for extracting particle positions from a grey-scale image.

A collection of generic math routines with matrix operations, vector operations, and various other things.

The Mandelbrot set:
A demonstration of how easy it is to write parallel programs in Ada.

Word list check:
A package for updating and correcting word lists (for example for ispell) via WWW.

International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN):
I have implemented an Ada package for handling and checking ISBN’s based on an article by Kjeld Bagger Laursen ([email protected]).

MPD builder and splitter:
Two small programs. One for collecting the sub-files for a LDraw drawing (a LDrawing) in a single file in MPD format. It is practical for sending drawings by e-mail and for sharing them with others on Lugnet. The other for splitting MPD files into the individual sub-files, so LDraw can read them. Newer LDraw compatible programs can also read MPD files directly.

Voting system for “Model Of The Month” at ldraw.org:
The program uses David Wheeler’s AdaCGI package for receiving votes through a web page.

If you have questions about these packages, please send them to <[email protected]>.

More Ada packages and tools:

Free tools and libraries – at Ada Information Clearinghouse
Source Treasury – at AdaPower